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Kids Learning Bible Not the Same: The Gospel of Mark

About this project
We looked around and couldn't find any interactive Bible storybook apps that could match the quality of mainstream titles, so we’ve set out to create our own!

The Gospel of Mark is a fully animated, voiced, interactive book app for children based on Mark, one of the 4 Gospel books in the New Testament of the Bible. It combines the excitement of video and audio with reading, while at the same time bringing Godly influence to the digital age!

Dive into this book app  and discover the amazing life of Jesus, Son of God! Follow along with Jesus as he goes from town to town teaching about God, performing miracles, healing the sick and demon-possessed, with his 12 disciples. 

Peak children’s interest and leave a lasting impression of the Gospel on their minds with our high-quality interactive book app



Nowadays, with all the rapidly-developing technology, it’s difficult to reach children who are becoming more and more addicted to playing video games or watching TV than reading books. The worst part is that a lot of today's entertainment does not provide moral or educational value.

We want to transform a traditional book into an interactive book app that offers a new interactive experience which helps heighten and promote the interest of reading, making it both fun and educational. The moral values are the same that have been handed down for generations, but in a form that will better reach today's children in the digital age. 

 Sunday School, Bible classes or bedtime stories will never be the same!

This project is very important not only to us but to everyone. Our kids are our future, and we should all invest in them.

We’ve done our utmost with our limited funding, but we really need your support to keep going. We’re dedicated to bringing you high quality products and doing so takes a lot of people: artists, animators, programmers, sound producers, voice actors. Your funds will go toward paying for this aforementioned team and promotional costs. Any surplus will be used towards future projects—more apps in other series.

Please help us to carry this project through to completion. 

 —Every donation, small or large, will make a difference— 

 Together, we will make this dream come true!

Risks and challenges
We careful to review and prevent Children addicted to the video game just for fun, that's why we provide graphic book with the App together became a new way to learn.

 Sunday School, Bible classes or bedtime stories will never be the same!

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